Artistic Boys – Gideon and Dad Paint Landscapes.

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Original Post Date: April 08, 2008 07:46 PM EDT

During the time I was taking my art lesson from Gideon the art teacher, dad came down and painted too. Well, he didn’t seem to keen on the idea at first protesting that he can’t draw. I said “So what” you have some artistic ability let’s see it! I thought that it’d be a great family thing to do as Gideon and I were already painting, and I thought it was good for Gideon to see how art styles vary.

So, down comes Clint on the floor by us. He says what do I paint on? I handed him a thick piece of cardboard that was the back of an old, falling apart sketchpad.

He went to work painting a river, then trees, benches, rocks and animals. All the while Gideon is doing a similar landscape on his 16 X 20 canvasboard.

Unfortunately I didn’t take photos as the paintings progressed as I was painting Horton at the time.

So what did we wind up with in the end?

Clint’s landscape, which is based on Parfrey’s Glen – a state park that we love to hike and photograph.
The image
The blue is the creek that runs through Parfrey’s Glen. The dots along it are trees. The brown is the pathway. Near the top of the creek are 3 brown benches. There’s a brown rock up there too. The green is the grassy area. There’s a deer and a bear there… and there’s deer poop. *shakes head* Boys, lol.

Gideon’s landscape which is based off of Clint’s… without the pooping deer, thankfully.
Gideon’s creek is green. The dots along it are trees. The brown and silver are paths. He has two rocks and one bench.

I think they did a GREAT job, and Gideon learned a new type of painting: Landscapes.

See Clint? You paint well AND inspired Gideon.


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