Gideon’s Art Journal: I Can Make My Own, Too!

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Original Post Date: March 08, 2008 11:03 AM EST

Last night Gideon was not his usual playful Pintendo-loving self. (By the way “Pintendo” is what he calls our Nintendo, lol) instead he relaxed most of the day. Later he did play some “Pintendo” but more so he pulled out his Lightning McQueen notebook (A Christmas gift) and began to draw, and draw and draw some more!

Here’s what he came up with: (By the way these are all in the middle of the notebook, lol)

This is the front and back cover of the notebook. It’s just one we got at one of those Dollar stores in NY for a stocking stuffer.

His first art in it? Well, a tracing of his hand and foot, of course.

Then he traced his knee (left) and drew a music note. I forgot what he called the music note. It was something like music word.

Then he drew some money (left) and a self portrait. Awww! He put a shirt on it (red – his favorite color) and gave him lots of hair, because he has lots of hair, lol! (He said all of this as he pushed his own hair around on his head)

Then he tried to write the number 1 and write One like daddy taught him to do. He did need some help spelling One, though. Then he did an 8 and tried to write eight, but he ran out of space and was mad at how he wrote his “g”. The he wrote “HFF” and Off. No one helped him spell off.

Then he did MNO POP. He exclaimed Hop on Pop! (A Dr. Seuss book we read from the library a while ago) Then he did a line on the right side.

The he drew a ladder and a W, but his W was actually a M, lol. So I told the M to turn around. I showed him how when the M turned around it made a W. And of course, I had to tell the W to turn around and show him that it’s a M again. Oh he liked that, lol. Then he added three O’s to spell. Woooo! LOL

This I think is an abstract. He didn’t tell me what it was after like he always does.

Another abstract, I think on the left and a thermometer (he calls them temperatures) on the right.
The image

Then some dots and another abstract.

A snowman (left) and another abstract.

Another abstract (left) and Water (right) I think he said it was “much water”
There’s Gideon’s drawings. Not bad for all in one night AND when he was sick (though he still denies he’s sick)


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  1. René Allen said,

    I am so IMPRESSED! This is so very nice Jen. Please give Gideon a HUGE HUG from me, and plenty of ART SUPPLIES for all of his future artistic creations. This is absolutely fabulous!

    Your Friend,

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