Gideon’s Art Journal: I Can Make My Own, Too!

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Original Post Date: March 08, 2008 11:03 AM EST

Last night Gideon was not his usual playful Pintendo-loving self. (By the way “Pintendo” is what he calls our Nintendo, lol) instead he relaxed most of the day. Later he did play some “Pintendo” but more so he pulled out his Lightning McQueen notebook (A Christmas gift) and began to draw, and draw and draw some more!

Here’s what he came up with: (By the way these are all in the middle of the notebook, lol)

This is the front and back cover of the notebook. It’s just one we got at one of those Dollar stores in NY for a stocking stuffer.

His first art in it? Well, a tracing of his hand and foot, of course.

Then he traced his knee (left) and drew a music note. I forgot what he called the music note. It was something like music word.

Then he drew some money (left) and a self portrait. Awww! He put a shirt on it (red – his favorite color) and gave him lots of hair, because he has lots of hair, lol! (He said all of this as he pushed his own hair around on his head)

Then he tried to write the number 1 and write One like daddy taught him to do. He did need some help spelling One, though. Then he did an 8 and tried to write eight, but he ran out of space and was mad at how he wrote his “g”. The he wrote “HFF” and Off. No one helped him spell off.

Then he did MNO POP. He exclaimed Hop on Pop! (A Dr. Seuss book we read from the library a while ago) Then he did a line on the right side.

The he drew a ladder and a W, but his W was actually a M, lol. So I told the M to turn around. I showed him how when the M turned around it made a W. And of course, I had to tell the W to turn around and show him that it’s a M again. Oh he liked that, lol. Then he added three O’s to spell. Woooo! LOL

This I think is an abstract. He didn’t tell me what it was after like he always does.

Another abstract, I think on the left and a thermometer (he calls them temperatures) on the right.
The image

Then some dots and another abstract.

A snowman (left) and another abstract.

Another abstract (left) and Water (right) I think he said it was “much water”
There’s Gideon’s drawings. Not bad for all in one night AND when he was sick (though he still denies he’s sick)


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Gideon’s Newset Addition To His Art Journal

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child,preschooler,fun,love,son,art Gideon’s latest artwork. This is made with glitter glue, pom-poms and buttons. There’s also one die cut there.

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Creating Gideon’s Art Journal Part Two: Shhhh Artist At Work!

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Original Post Date: February 23, 2008 06:25 AM EST

Today Gideon got up, ate some easy mac and asked to make some more pictures. Wow, I thought.. not Nintendo? He must have really enjoyed his time last night! He made several new pictures today! 🙂

So, out comes the art supplies. I go whole hog today and take everything out of the box, bring in some markers, crayons and Gideon’s art kit too! Whew!

Just look at this trove of material just waiting to spark his imagination! Floor? What? We need a floor? *grin*

Phew! With all that laid out it was time to choose his paper to work with. He chose a blue background paper with a fish with a bit of red in it. Red is his favorite color.

He decided to clip it to a scrapbook paper book to prevent it from sliding, which I thought was a pretty good idea too. Here you see some glitter paint on his picture.

Gideon is hard at work making glitter paint 10’s, a Q and a big flower.

Here’s his finished work. In case you are wondering why I show the 2 page and single page views, it’s so that you can see the details in the pages as well as get a feel for how the journal as a whole looks.

Here’s the first two pictures of the day.

Picture one: Done on fish all over printed paper with glitter glues! Can you see the 10, Q and big flower?

Picture #2. Done on a heart vine border with one crayon sticker and one rhinestone. Simplicity!

Pictures #3 and #4 have gone to the cats!

Picture #3. Gideon used a red bordered paper with one magazine cut out cat and one computer print out cat. He added a Garfield sticker and some neon yellow tape at the top.

Picture #4. Kitty in the mailbox magazine cutout. Simple, but it works well.

Pictures #5 and #6.

Picture #5 is another glitter glue picture. Pretty and sparkly.

Picture #6 is bursting with a rainbow of colors with a Babs bunny (think that’s her name) money sticker placed over a bear patterend paper.

Picture #7. Gideon returned to the glitter glues, but decided he liked the thick glue (minus tip) rather than the thin ones. This is still drying hours later, lol!

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Creating Gideon’s Art Journal Part One: Artist At Work. (Photo Essay)

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Well, Gideon’s little art journal is underway! I’m in need of going to Walmart to develop some photos Gideon took with his digital camera so I can include them in here as well. Yes, Gideon has explored many art mediums including clay. You can find a lot of his work in my namespace content or in my children’s groups if you are interested.

So, where does his journal stand progress wise? Well, we have the inside cover done (very simple) and three new collages that he did tonight. These are his first ever collages and I think he did a fantastic job! By then again I’m his mom.. I’m biased.

I pulled out my box of magazine cut outs tonight for him to use for his collages and my scrapbook calander sheets.

This is just a small percentage of my magazine cutouts. I have  more here that I need to cut around still. They are all in boxes and envelopes organized by theme and marked on the box top or envelope front what is inside.

Here’s a closer look at some of the cutouts.

The front of the art journal.

This is the inside cover and first page.

Inside cover. Pretty simple. It was covered in this clud paper from the store and I just wrote a simple dedication and put a post-it note where Gideon wrote “mom” in for my ‘signature.’ The post it note is removable since it’s only placed in there with the corner mounts.

Page one. Gideon’s first ever collage. He used a truck print paper with a red center, some magazine cut outs and stickers.

Second page, second collage. This was with some paper that had a fish border. He used a sticker and some block cut outs.

Page two and three.
The image

A closer look at page three with Gideon’s third collage. This is with a heart flower border paper and a holographic dollar sticker and a stickopotomous holographic sticker.

That’s all for now. Gideon tells me he’d like to make more pictures tomorrow.

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